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Fusion Styles For Daily Wear

It is very essential to refurbish your wardrobe often. Simple mix n match style can be adopted by using old clothes with new ones or adjusting the pairing. Clothes are very important as they create an impression about your personality. Casual, semi formal or corporate formal is a personal choice …

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Makeup Ideas and Tips For Your Geisha Costume

A geisha is a trained female Japanese hostess. They are said to be elegant, beautiful and accomplished in the arts of music, dance and poetry. Having said this, dressing like a geisha should mean you have to dress the part of the accomplished geisha. To look like a geisha, you …

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Top 5 Hollywood Trends for Fall 2010

It is 7 am and here I am in a dark, cold room that will soon turn into a bright, bustling make-up room. This is the place where the "magic" happens, stories are shared and tips are exchanged. It is fall and everyone is asking about looks and trends. Red …

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Purple & Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Is there a wedding or a big party in your future? I bet you already picked your dress, shoes, jewelry and hair style by now. But have you given some thought to your makeup? There’s nothing worse than having to rush and improvise your makeup at the last minute! Avoid …

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Simple Makeup Tips & Ideas: Your Way to Amazing Eyes

Pulling off a perfect cat eye could be a little tricky, especially if you don't have the right tools. So what are exactly the tools you need and how to use them? A fresh face, a fresh start and fresh makeup! The best morning moment is getting rid of that …

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Get All Focus On Your Eyes With These Easy Tips

Don't you love it when you get compliments? Did you recently like an eye makeup so much that you couldn't look away? Want to know more about the secrets behind that mesmerizing look? When it comes to makeup application, every girl wants to know how to look like a diva. …

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A Lesson In How to Apply Eye Shadow

One major skill that virtually every female needs is how to apply eye shadow. There is an aged quote that states "The eyes are the windows to the soul." So why not make sure your shutters are as lovely and exceptional as you are? Using eye shadow is a fantastic …

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Easy Eyeliner Looks For Any Occasion

When it comes to multi-tasking a makeup item – Eyeliner is the first thing that comes to mind, one liner and so many different looks. Lining is one of those makeup items that highlights and elevates the most important feature of your face and can offer you the right look …

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